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Max Schwarz
Max Schwarz and Mana May.jpg
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador 60 FAA (2007)
Markets: Germany, Austria, Italy, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Czech

Schwarz Organisation

LOS Upline: Willi & Dora Seyfried
Notes:One of the largest organisations in Europe

Former Name: Max & Marianne Schwarz

European Diamond Advisory Council


23 November 1977








Czech Republic





South Africa




Marianne and Max Schwarz started their Amway business in 1977 in Germany, qualifying Platinum in 1978, Ruby in 1979, Pearl and Emerald in 1980, Diamond and Double Diamond simultaneously in 1981, Triple Diamond and Crown simultaneously also in 1981, Crown Ambassador in 1982, Founders Distinguished Service Award in 1996.

In 1997 Marianne died from leukemia. Daughter Anja (born 1977) and her husband Oliver Viereck took over running the Austrian Schwarz business in the late 90's, and they are currently Crown. Son Andreas (born 1976) is also in the business. With Mona May, Max has two children: Maximilian (born 2004) and Marilena (born 2006). He qualified Founders Crown Ambassador in 2002, Ultimate Crown Ambassador with 25 Q12-Legs in 2003, Founders Crown Ambassador 50 FAA in 2006 and Founders Crown Ambassador 60 FAA in 2007.

He qualified Founders Executive Diamond (2007) and Double Diamond in Italy, Executive Diamond in Poland, Executive Diamond in Czech Rep., Executive Diamond in Hungary and new Founders Executive Diamond (2007) in Russia. In 2006 he had 1 Founders Crown Ambassador, 2 Crown Ambassadors, 2 Crowns, 3 Triple Diamond, 3 Double Diamonds and about 80 Diamonds and Executive Diamonds in his downline.

He is downline of Founders Crown Ambassador 50 FAA Mueller-Meerkatz, Peter & Eva.

”Nothing is impossible – just do it”

From European Amagram February 2007

That is the motto of Max Schwarz, who has achieved the highest distinction in Europe to date: Founders Crown Ambassador 50. With these six words he not only means to get on with something, but also to do it simply. For he believes that one does not need to have much in order to be successful, but that with sufficient inner conviction one can overcome obstacles and achieve anything. Thus it is not surprising that in the course of his career as an Amway business partner, Max himself always believed in his visions and looked ahead. Perhaps that is the true secret of his success, namely, that he always sets a good example to his business partners, with his powers of persuasion and zest for action – a real visionary. Even today, as Founders Crown Ambassador 50, he has not forgotten his roots. In addition to managing his Diamonds, he has retained many tasks from his early days as a new EDC-Diamond in Russia. Today, he even still serves some of his oldest customers himself.

Max Schwarz started his Amway business together with his wife Marianne in November 1977. With much optimism, single mindedness and discipline they qualified as Crown Ambassador in 1982, and in 1996 they reached the peak of their joint career with the Founders Distinguished Award. Shortly afterwards, in 1997, Marianne Schwarz died of leukaemia, a great loss not only for Max Schwarz, but also for all business partners and Amway staff. But despite this terrible blow, Max Schwarz continued to shoulder responsibilty for his own business and his international partners.

Max Schwarz achieved many qualifications all over Europe, i.e. he is Founders Crown Ambassador in one country, Crown in another two countries, Double Diamond in three countries, EDC-Diamond and Diamond in seven countries. In order to keep an eye on every aspect of this big organization, Max Schwarz has to travel a lot. But he is all the more grateful when he can spend a weekend at home in Langenmosen with his partner, Mona May, and his two younger children, Maximilian (3) and Marilena (2 months). His goal is to reduce the amount of time spent travelling in future and to organize several small events in the neighbouring town of Winkelhausen, or even in his own house.

In 2001, his daughter Anja took over the business in Austria, while his son Andreas, a keen horseman like his father, looks after the stud farm. In 2003, Max Schwarz also founded his ”Max Club”, especially for the purpose of training and motivating the leaders on their way to the diamond qualification.

Now one might ask what goals a man like Max Schwarz could still have, or what holidays or awards could still give him pleasure. Although Max Schwarz still talks enthusiastically about his trip to Peter Island and is looking forward to going there again, his wishes are very modest, such as a tour of Iceland or the Faroe Islands.

Max Schwarz is very proud of all his leaders, Diamonds and Crown Ambassadors. His intention is to train and support his national and international business partners to achieve higher qualifications for a long time.