Rajkumar & Seeta More

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Rajkumar & Seeta More
Rajkumar & Seeta More.jpg
Pin: Founders Diamond 2012
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Kiran & Sneh Desai
Website: www.brittindia.com

Rajkumar & Seeta More University Lecturer and HOD & homemaker,(Pune, Maharshtra)

I am a homemaker and my husband was a University Lecturer and HOD. We have two lovely sons: Rohan (14 years) & Rutweek (9 years).

By sharing the Amway business opportunity and the wonderful product line, we have been able to bring bring financial freedom and a positive attitude into our lives.

We strongly believe that the Amway business is world’s best opportunity to achieve financial, mental, physical (health), social and spiritual growth. Anybody could earn money in any other businesses, but the time freedom and financial security comes only with the Amway business. My husband has become free at the age of 36, and we have ample time and money to spend with and on our children. We are also excited that we can help other people realize their dreams.

We believe that hardwork is like a staircase and luck is like an elevator. The elevator may fail, but the staircase will never let you down. If you are ready to work hard with passion, success will be yours.

There is one thing common in all people -24hours. What we do with it separates the successful people from the others.

The credit of our success goes to God, Amway Corporation, our great uplines, most united downlines, our parents and our lovely children. We are thankful to the Britt Worldwide System for their support in our success.

Build relationships, as relationships build this business. This is the secret of our success in the Amway business.

If we can do it, you can too.