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Nutrilite is a brand of vitamins, minerals and dietary supplements created in 1934 by Dr. Carl F. Rehnborg. It is currently manufactured by Access Business Group, a subsidairy of Alticor. The Nutrilite brand is known as Nutriway in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand.

The founders of Amway began selling Nutrilite products in 1949. Amway bought a controlling interest in the company in 1972, and took over complete ownership in 1994.[1]

Nutrilite's vitamin and mineral products are distributed exclusively by Quixtar affiliates known as Independent Business Owners (IBO) in North America and Amway IBOs in more than 90 other countries and territories. Amway, Quixtar, and Access Business Group, are subsidiaries of Alticor. Nutrilite claims to be the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on their own certified organic farms. Nutrilite farming techniques include soil solarization, an integrated pest management system and utilize sustainable agricultural production systems. Nutrilite's organic farms are located in California, Washington State, Mexico, and Brazil.[2]. Many Nutrilite products sold in other countries are also manufactured locally, for example in India [3] Nutrilite states that their products may sometimes have ingredients from plants grown not at their own farms [4].

Awards & Recognition

Euromonitor International[5], the world's leading provider of business intelligence and strategic market analysis, has for the past 3 years named Nutrilite as the world's leading brand of Vitamin, Mineral, and Dietary Supplement.

In 2001, five Nutrilite products were the first dietary supplements to be certified by NSF International.[6]

A 2004 survey by independent group rated Nutrilite as having the highest customer satisfaction rating, at 96% [7]

In 2006 in the nutrient and health food category, Nutrilite won "Platinum" awards in Malaysia and "Gold Awards" in Taiwan, Thailand, and Asia overall in the Reader's Digest "Trusted Brands of Asia" survey.[8]

In 2004, the same year Nutrilite celebrated its 70th anniversary, Amway initiated The Quest for Nutrition campaign to enhance the reputation of the Nutrilite brand. [9]. This included a collaboration between Alticor, through their Nutrilite Health Institute (The goal of NHI is to build the global Nutrilite brand through research and education), and Mandalay Sports Action Entertainment to produce a one hour documentary style programme called Quest for Nutrition and a series of 15 public service commercials titled Health Moments that were all broadcast on the Discovery Networks. [10] The branded documentary traces the science and history to improve personal health through nutritional supplements and features Carl Rehnborg, the founder of Nutrilite, while promoting the Nutrilite Health Institute. [11] [12] It was one of six films to win Best Of Show at the 2004 Accolade Competition [11] and together with Health Moments, the The Quest for Nutrition campaign has won more than 30 television, advertising and marketing industry awards, including Auroras and Tellys. [10]

In 2006, Nutrilite's film Perfect Balance won a Clarion Award (International Trade Award) from the International Visual Communication Association (IVCA); the award was presented to Amway and was produced by LIVE Communication Ltd. The film describes Nutrilites organic farming philosophy and their commitment to sustainable development. IVCA described the film as:

" highly creative and impressively produced film, designed for the immersive audio visual experience at the Nutrilite Health Institute in the USA". [13]

Marketing & Endorsements

In April 2006, Nutrilite announced they had signed Jamaican sprinter Asafa Powell, the current World Record holder in the 100-meter sprint, as a global spokesperson. Asafa credits Nutrilite supplements with helping him overcome low energy levels in 2005. He claimed to have begun taking the supplements three months before he broke the world record. [14].

In March 2007, 110m Men's Hurdles World Record holder and Olympic 2004 Champion, Liu Xiang of China was appointed as a second global spokesman for Nutrilite. Nutrilite is also the official supplement for China Olympic Team for year 2000, 2004 and 2008.

In September 2007, World Female Athelete of the Year, and American 400m Record Holder, Sanya Richards plus American pole vault record holder Jenn Stuzynski were announced as further representatives of the Nutrilite brand, forming Team Nutrilite along with Asafa Powell and Liu Xiang

In February 2008, Brazilian and Barcelona football star Ronaldinho was named as a fourth member of Team Nutrilite.

In Australia, atheles who have associated with the brand:

         - Libby Tricket

also Adro Sarnelli, winner of Australia's show, "The Biggest Loser - 2006".

Other athletes who have associated with the brand include South African golfer Gary Player, Chinese diver Tian Lang and Chinese basketball player Yi Jianlian.

Tim Foley, a member of the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins NFL team, is a Crown Ambassador representing Amway North America

Nutrilite is also the official supplement of the 2008 Croatian Olympic team.

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Nutrilite Newsletter

Nutrilite_Newsletter_-1.jpg Nutrilite_Newsletter_-2.jpg

Why Nutrilite

Dr. Sam Rehnborg narrates this short clip about the NUTRILITE brand of vitamin, mineral, and herbal food supplements.

Team Nutrilite

Asafa Powell & Double X

Asafa Powell & Liu Xiang


February 28, 2008, Amway announced that football superstar Ronaldinho had joined Team Nutrilite

Jenn Stuczynski

Nutrilite commercial spot featuring Nutrilite-sponsored athlete Jenn Stuczynski. Jenn is the American Record Holder and current US Champion for the women's pole vault.

Adam Gilchrist

Nutriway Video - Adam Gilchrist & Nutriway


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