Jagjit Singh & Surinder Kaur Malhotra

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Jagjit Singh & Surinder Kaur Malhotra
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Jagjit Singh & Surinder Kaur

Jagjit Singh was a Bank Manager, but hailed from a family having traditional business. He is married to Surinder and they have two lovely children: daughter Amitpal Kaur and son Ravinder Pal Singh.

Jagjit Singh was very scared of traditional business as he had witnessed his family’s business tumble down after his father. “The mere thought of business sent shivers down our spines and therefore my brothers and I opted for service. My wife and I were a little more skeptic as my in-laws too had traditional business and had incurred heavy losses after my father in-laws illness. This was the primary reason why I opted for a job in the banking sector,” he explains.

His bank job was running smoothly until his bank was attacked by terrorist. Post that life became horrible as Jagjit Singh was completely bed ridden and had to go on leave without pay. He was the sole bread winner of the family and were undergoing the worst phase of their lives. “During this time only one of our relative came forward to help,” they sound disappointed. His wife had also approached their zonal head for compensation. But he indifferently mentioned that if Jagjit Singh would have had a mishap, then they could have considered some compensation. This really made them feel insecure. This incident was also an eye opener for them on how insecure a job can be. As days passed by, their situation improved and Jagjit Singh resumed duty. But soon he was transferred to a far away branch. This gave him yet another insight that no matter how good employee you are, your boss is not bothered about you.

The Amway business came to them through one of his friends. He had been to see the plan alone and returned completely confused as he could not understand how one could earn forty to fifty thousand rupees per month within a year without disturbing one’s current profession and by just devoting two to three hours of their unproductive time.

Within a span to five to six years their income doubled and later tripled. The income was more steady and regular now. Further, he could count on it to be coming in if he was not in the picture too. This clearly meant that the business was indeed being built on truthfulness, honesty, integrity, and above all; it helped people help themselves to fulfill their dreams and aspirations. Besides, you could also earn name, fame and recognition. You coud also enjoy full paid world tours and make friends across the globe.

They thank God for giving them the wisdom to build this business. He is also thankful to his wife who lent him complete suppport and motivated him to build this business and be a Britt student. He feels that they are much better off physically and have better family values than before. “I, my wife, our daughter, son-in-law, son, daughter in law & two grand children, Bismann & Manleen are like friends,” he quickly adds. Today, thanks to this business, they are leading a stress free life, have ample time for family and are in a better position to accomplish their family and social projects. They feel this business is the best thing to happen to India post independence. They pray to the almighty to give wisdom to each and everyone to build this business and end with the lyrics from an old hindi movie, “Joth se joth jagate chalo, prem ki ganga bahate cholo”

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