Gonzalez, Raul & Nathalie

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Gonzalez, Raul & Nathalie
Pin: Founders Executive Diamond (2012)
Markets: Dominican Republic


LOS Upline: Gagg, Giselle & Díaz, Manuel


Founders Executive Diamond 2012

Downline Diamond

Success Story

Dominican Republic, Executive Diamond, Raúl and Nathalie Gonzalez say their personalities are different, which contributes to them finding a perfect balance to make a great team in business and at home.

Raúl admires Nathalie for her strength and sweetness. He describes her as “a dedicated, loving mother; and a generous entrepreneur who loves helping others, is hard working, and is strong in her faith.”

Nathalie illustrates her secret to finding happiness: “Raúl and I are committed to creating a good balance between our spiritual life, our family, and our business.”

Nathalie says, “Raúl is very hard-working. He has the ability to listen with true interest, no matter what the circumstances are, to the people who come to him for guidance. I have never known a more balanced and fair leader in this business; he has a genuinely noble heart and he is very focused on what he wants. I admire him greatly.”

Choosing freedom

What initially attracted Raúl and Nathalie, and still motivates them today, is the option the business gives them to design their own future. In Raúl’s words, “having the freedom to set our own schedule, to spend time with our children, and to help others in the business, is the greatest benefit of being an Amway business owner.” The understanding that success in their business will lead them to greater freedom has continued to motivate them year after year.

“When we share the Amway IBO Compensation Plan with others, we offer them the opportunity to be financially free, to have control of their time, and to design the life they want to live, and we show what the business demands in order to achieve that,” says Raúl.

Nathalie adds, “We tell people they can be free to plan their lives as they choose.”

For Raúl and Nathalie, quality time with their family is the most important benefit of their business. “Our AMWAY™ business affords us the opportunity to be good financial providers and good role models for our children. We believe that the best thing for the healthy development of the children, their safety, and their happiness, is having both mom and dad at home every day. As parents, we have a lot to teach our kids!”

Their first bonus

It was just 14 dollars, and according to Raúl, “That small amount of money gave us hope and a clearer vision of the possibilities. We knew then that if we worked and sold more, we could grow more!”

Today, their primary focus is for new IBOs to receive their first check within the first 20 to 30 days. Nathalie explains that, “our job is to help them achieve financial rewards right away. The best way to do that is simple: learn about our products, sell and use them.”

Helping others at every level

Amway is a people business. Nathalie and Raúl recognize that people need guidance and support in good times and bad. Nathalie explains, “We have a mindset of service, and we teach to help others and keep united under any circumstances. We say, ‘You should accept and love others as they are.’” She continues, “If you give a smile to somebody, who is going to deny you a smile in return? A good attitude under any circumstance is what we teach. We think it’s one of our biggest strengths.”

First class all the way

Diamond Club in Hawaii was a fascinating experience this time around for Raúl and Nathalie and their three kids: Marjorie, 17, and twin sons Alex and Gabriel, 13. The entire family was amazed with the way Amway took care of every detail. From start to finish, the experience was first class. It was a time of luxurious relaxation, delicious meals, and tropical fun.

As a family, they went whale watching, snorkeled in the ocean, sat by the pool, and walked the beach. “We all work hard to grow our business, even the kids help, and it is fantastic to relax in paradise. The kids deserved this as much as Nathalie and I did. It was awesome!” says Raúl.

The next generation

On this trip Marjorie and the twins learned at a deeper level why their parents feel such loyalty and commitment to Amway. “We can tell them that this business is great, but it’s better when they see it through their own eyes. In Hawaii, they got to spend time with some very successful people in the business, which are part of our support team,” says Raúl.

Something that touched Nathalie’s heart was when another IBO asked one of their kids, “Who’s your hero?” Her heart was filled with joy when she heard the response: “MY HERO IS MY DAD!!”

She says, “That shows how much they admire and appreciate what we have done in the business.”

The Gonzalez kids love this business as much as their parents and they feel passionate about doing it.

Raúl and Nathalie are very thankful to God for all the blessings He has given them through this wonderful AMWAY™ business. They are thankful for each person in their support team, and their IBO friends, who are more than a family to the Gonzalezes. “We thank God because we know without Him nothing is possible.”