Galan, Theo & Maribel

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Galan, Theo & Maribel
Theo y Maribel.jpg
Pin: Double Diamond (2011)
Markets: Dominican Republic


LOS Upline: Gagg, Giselle & Díaz, Manuel

Dominican Republic


Downline Diamond


Teo: Traditional Entrepreneur Maribel: Business Manager

Born in the Dominican Republic, two young dreamers emigrated to the United States in search of better opportunities. She is business manager by profession and he entrepreneur traditional, when he saw the business, dealing with used vehicles in Brooklyn, New York, which allowed him to have a good lifestyle, but no time to enjoy , especially his family.

They entered the business in search of freedom, after 1 year and 8 months reached the level of Emerald, decided to sell the agency and devote full time to the development of this great company, and family formation. Today not only enjoy a good lifestyle, but a quality life with her three children, Theo, and Bianca Lorraine Kendrick.