Founders Crown Ambassador 60

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Qualify Legs: n/a
or FAA Points: 60-69.75

see also next level: Founders Crown Ambassador 70

see also previous level: Founders Crown Ambassador 50

see also special recognitions: Ultimate Crown Ambassador and Double Crown Ambassador and 100 Plus Crown Ambassador

The Founders Crown Ambassador 60 pin was introduced 2002 as IBO achievements have exceeded company "predictions" along with the introduction of the Founders Achievement Award FAA points system for diamonds and above to qualify for higher pins and qualifications.

Founders Crown Ambassador 60 qualification requires:

  • Attain Founders Crown Ambassador qualification for all 12 months of the fiscal year (6 Legs must be in market), and generate 60 to 69.75 FAA credits during the fiscal year.

 For a list of Founders Crown Ambassadors 60 see Founders Crown Ambassador.