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Rachel & Janos Demeter
Pin: Founders Executive Diamond (2006)
Markets: Hungary, Slovakia, Romania

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Sissy Petra & Alois Szuchar

European Diamond Advisory Council









Ice Skating

Janos first worked in a beer factory. After this he participated on several European championships in skating. Then he continued his career as a professional skater in the Holiday on Ice revue where he met his future wife Rachel. He was successful but his salary as Eastern European was much less than that of his Western collagues. After he learned of the business in Mexico, he resigned from the revue to prove that he is not only entitled to a second class lifestyle.

By now the family has grown with 4 sons. Today they live in a beautiful house next to Budapest and enjoy the amazing lifestyle they have. They spend a lot of time together and travel around the world.

Janos leads from Budapest thousands of people and helps them to reach their goals and although he reached the first class lifestyle, he enjoys the work and in the long term plans a worldwide business.

For many years Janos worked very hard building their network but nowadays he says: "If I had known before how rewarding this would be, I would have worked three times as hard".

Demeter Rachel & Janos have played a significant role in Amway’s Hungarian and international life for more than a decade now. Relying on their top line, they managed to acquire the bulk of their business knowledge through their persistent work and diligence.

Their activity is also recognised on an international scale: Janos has been a member of the EDAC since its foundation. “We have always tried to show a kind of blueprint to our children. Now we feel we have succeeded because the boys are eagerly looking forward to launching their business. It is always good to see parents working together with their children. Only if we have dreams, if we have targets and if we believe in them, will we remain successful.”

Currently, they are living in the United States.