Bhhattacharya, Prasanta & Gita

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Prasanta & Gita Bhhattacharya
Prasanta gita b.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Aniruddha & Mahua Ghosh

Prasanta & Gita Bhhattacharya (Assistant Account Officer & Staff Nurse, Kolkata)

Prasanta & Gita started the Direct Selling business in July 1998. Prior to this, they were working in the Government sector. “Life is a struggle, we realized it in our childhood itself because we belong to a poor family. We were looking for better opportunities all the time. Finally, we found the right way of life when we saw the Direct Selling business plan. We realized its potential and the values and ethics involved in the business”, says Prasanta.

“Today we can see a great development in us compared to what we were. We are on the way of fulfilling all our dreams and aspirations and are able to give the best to our daughter Pritha. Our goal is to help people who dare to dream and have faith in themselves”, they say.

We are thankful to God for giving us this opportunity and are grateful to our uplines for their teaching and guidance.