Ashok & Sreeti Reddy

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Ashok & Sreeti Reddy
Pin: Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Reddy, Manipal & Renuka

Ashok & Sreeti Reddy (Traditional Business Owner & Employee, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh)

Sreeti, my wife, is from Kolkata and I am originally from Hyderabad. We met in college when we were studying B.A. at Hyderabad and became life partners. Before joining Amway business, I was involved in poultry business while Sreeti was working as a computer operator in a private organization. My elder brother Manipal and Renuka Reddy introduced me to Amway business in 1998. When my wife and I saw the plan, we knew that this was the right business for us. What really excited us, was the thought that this business could give us financial flexibility, unlimited time which we could spend with our family, and a rich legacy not only to our children but for generations to come.

We kept explaining this business opportunity to as many people as possible. We looked for people who were dreamers like us because we had a dream in our hearts and the courage to work hard. We simply ignored the people who said "NO" and surged ahead. By 2000, we managed to achieve the Platinum level.

By the grace of GOD and blessings from elders, and following the principles viz. 9 Core Steps, 4 Basics and 3 Cardinal Rules, consistently and persistently, we were able to attain the Diamond level in 2004. By achieving this level we earned the respect of all the BWW leaders whom we respected the most.

As Diamond Directs, Sreeti and I enjoy quality time with our two wonderful sons, Vishwajeet and Aditya. Currently, we are enjoying an extraordinary lifestyle with financial security and personal freedom.

We are very proud to be a part of this business and wish to especially thank the BWW management at Mumbai and Chennai, and our upline mentors, downlines and crosslines for their excellent support. We strongly believe, "Purity in the heart, clarity in the mind is the surety for success."