Amit & Arti Sondhi

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Amit & Arti Sondhi
Pin: Executive Diamond - 2013
Markets: India

Network 21

LOS Upline: Sallee, Beverly

Founders Diamond - 2012

Executive Diamond - 2013

Amit and I had successful careers as computer professionals before joining Business. After a BE in computer science from Indore, Amit moved to the US in 1990 to pursue his Master’s degree. On completion of his education, he began working as a software engineer in a Fortune 500 company. Within a few months, the job market changed and he was one of those who were laid off. Then he realised that the formula of “get a good education and get a good job” need not give one a great lifestyle. He tried his hand at starting a software consultancy but was unsuccessful. Unlike , traditional business takes a lot of time and money. It was while he was at Oracle that a college friend told him what this business was all about. Amit now says, “Initially, I did not appreciate this business opportunity. I had a lot of growing up to do. The only reason I survived the first few years was because of the love and guidance of my sponsor.

Amit was convinced that the country would become one of the biggest markets for business. In March 1998, he resigned his job in the US and started the business in India. He says, “People questioned my decision but I had this incredible belief in business and my uplines. I knew this would work.” When I first met Amit, he had already built a successful business at the Emerald level. It made it easier for me to believe in the benefits of business: it gives you time and money. Even before our marriage, we started working together and set our goals at the Diamond Crown. After marriage, one of the things I appreciated most about business was that Amit and I could work together and not lead separate lives.

One of my passions is to travel. Even before joining the business I had visited many countries. Now when we travel we do it in style and build incredible friendships across the world. Anyone who has a desire to succeed and is willing to follow directions is a candidate for our business. All one needs is a dream to succeed, and the will to realise it.

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