Albert Schermacher & Beatrice Rinalda

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Albert Schermarcher & Beatrice Rinalda
Albert Schermacher Beatrice Rinalda.jpg
Pin: Executive Diamond (2005)
Markets: Austria, Hungary, Romania

Planet Program

LOS Upline: James Vagyi
Notes:also worked with Schwarz Organisation, Diamond Alliance



Success Story

If you are working and concentrating on your dream, then your success will be 100 % calculable!

We started this business in order to reach at first 3 goals in our life: 1. to be able to l o v e to live, 2. to have a family, 3. to make a fortune. We saw the Marketing Plan, Trixi was sold on it, Albert not. It sounded to be too good, too simple to be true. But after getting in contact with other successful people in this branch we were fully convinced of this business and it became top priority in our life.

Today we live our dream of yesterday, we love our life and are able to be 100 % mom and dad for our daughter. We have reached the financial freedom and realized a waterfront house in the mountains and great roof-deck apartment in Vienna. We spend wonderful times with many friends in the inland and abroad, our life is exciting or quiet … just as we want it. This also is a sort of FREEDOM that only this business can offer.

Our vision for the future is EUROPE – using the chance of the 21st century and nibbling at the financial distribution of the tremendous cake. We also want to continue to sponsor and to help other people to help themselves so that they can cope their life successfully.

Albert (Ali) Schermarcher passed away in August 2009 from lung cancer. On saturday 7.13. 2013 Beatrice (Trixi) lost her battle against a short and hard illness. We are in deep mourning and have a hard way to go but we won't loose our hope. Now, finally together with Albert, she will take care of each and every one of us for sure - especially of her very strong and wonderful daughter Viola. Her sunny and amazing smile and her positive attitude will be always with us.

Downline Diamond