Öcal, Serpil & Serdar

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Serpil & Serdar Öcal
Pin: Founders Diamond - 2007
Markets: Turkey

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline:
Notes:In Mitch & Deidre SALA LOS group

Serpil used to work in the pharmaceutical industry. After working for several years she started thinking the corporate life was not as exciting as she guessed, especially after becoming a mother! (They have a son going to university) Serdar worked in the automobile industry for long years. He started dreaming of not having to work the age of 40 but he did not have a clue how after 40, it could be. Then he was invited to a marketing plan and joined the business hoping this could be the opportunity he was looking for.

“We are thankful for this business because it gave us freedom of time and money. Also the Network21’s education system taught us to use our personal potential so our quality of life increased.

As a third point, we became international businessman and have friends all around the world.” They were right. “There is nothing like being a Network21 diamond