Gupta, Ankur & Taru

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Ankur & Taru Gupta
Ankur taru.jpeg
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: India


LOS Upline: Reddy, Manipal & Renuka
Notes:Upline Emerald Deepak & Shalini Choudhary from United States

Ankur & Taru Gupta (Electrical Engineer & MBA, Bangalore)

I graduated from IIT Delhi with a B.Tech degree in Electrical Engineering and Taru is an MBA in Human Resources. I went to US where a colleague introduced me to this opportunity. Taru joined me after we got married in 2000. At the time of marriage I was already a Gold Producer. Taru was working for a leading hotel group before marriage but now she is devoting her full time to this business. We aspire to be young, rich and free and believe that Direct Selling business opportunity is the only way we can have unlimited amount of money and time together.

We believe that Direct Selling business and BWW are together creating a microcosm of a perfect world to live in and that is the biggest achievement of this business.